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SINI is a fast-fine Mediterranean cuisine restaurant, located in San Francisco’s Financial District, inspired by authentic döner and kofte restaurants found throughout Turkey.

We created our own unique recipes and methods without compromising on the authentic taste. We make and bake our fine & tasty eats daily to provide the maximum taste and quality.

SINI Döner & Kofte are traditionally handmade by skilled artisan butchers, each one having their own twist on the taste. We make a popular type of kofte in Turkey called Kasap Kofte that translates as Butcher’s kofte and an awesome type of Döner, which is actually a vertical spit roast. Meat is prepared traditionally, on seasoned hardwood, which brings out the flavors of the very thinly sliced meat. We serve Döner in a freshly baked, hot, fluffy pita bread that comes straight out of our stone oven. Our fine & tasty eats are served with a selection of side dishes that convey influences from the dynamic Levantine food culture region.

Our name SINI means “copper serving tray”, an expression used in Turkish dining culture to display, carry, or serve a variety of food. Serving food on SINI is a traditional, common practice among small groups of people, family, and friends when eating together. This is what we are all about — serving fresh, healthy, mouthwatering food in a modern and cozy ambiance.

You really have to taste our fine & tasty eats to fully understand the SINI experience!